Application Note for QuNect ODBC for Quick Base

Reading and Writing DB Pages

Since the Quick Base HTTP API does not support enumeration of DB pages. You cannot avoid the use of a WHERE clause to retrieve a DB Page. If you want to retrieve the page called "myCode.js" you would us the following SQL statement:

SELECT Value from yourappdbid~pages WHERE Name = 'myCode.js'

The table name above "yourappdbid~pages" is made up of the application dbid followed by a tilde "~" and then by "pages".

To write a DB Page you can use the following SQL statement. An INSERT statement will not only create a new page, but it will also update an existing page. So there is no need to use an UPDATE statement with DB Pages. There is no provision in QuickBase HTTP API to delete DB Pages so a SQL DELETE statement will not work with DB pages.

INSERT INTO yourappdbid~pages (Name, Value) VALUES ('myCode.js', 'Contents of your page goes here.')