Application Note for QuNect ODBC for Quick Base

How QuNect ODBC for Quick Base changes Quick Base Field Names to Make them Compatible with Other Databases

QuNect ODBC for Quick Base ignores the following types of fields because they are user interface elements that exist for the purpose of either displaying links or embedded tables for the user of a web browser. So the number of fields reported by Quick Base can be greater than the number of fields reported by QuNect ODBC for Quick Base.

QuNect ODBC for Quick Base also substitutes certain characters in field names with the underscore character. Which characters are substituted depends on a setting in the DSN configuration dialog or in your connection string.

The image above shows a portion of the DSN configuration dialog where you configure the character substitution in field names. The default setting (letters, numbers and underscores, no colons) replaces all but the following characters with underscores.

This is the recommended setting because it produces the highest degree of compatablity with other databases. The other settings allow a wider range of characters in the field names at the expense of compatability. All other settings allow numeric characters as the first character of a field name.

Duplicate Field Names

Sometimes a Quick Base table will have two fields with the same name. This is rare because Quick Base's user interface doesn't allow you to give the same name to two fields. The Quick Base HTTP API however does allow you to give a field the same name as another field in the same table. But when QuNect ODBC for Quick Base replaces field name characters with underscores sometimes two names that were not identical become identical.