Application Note for QuNect ODBC for Quick Base

Creating a Linked Server for Quick Base in SQL Server

To create a linked server make sure your DSNs are configured. Then run the following SQL:

EXEC sp_addlinkedserver
@server = N'QUICKBASE',
@datasrc=N'QuickBase via QuNect'

If while executing queries with four part names, you get an error message like this:

Invalid use of schema or catalog for OLE DB provider "MSDASQL" for linked server "QUICKBASE".
A four-part name was supplied, but the provider does not expose the necessary interfaces to use a catalog or schema..

You'll need to uncheck the Level zero only property. to accomplish this go to: SQL Management Studio -> Server Objects -> Linked Servers -> Providers right click on MSDASQL and select Properties and uncheck the Level zero only property. click on “OK” and restart the SQL Server service.

In a few rare cases on SQL Server 2000 it seems that creating a linked server using the stored procedure sp_addlinkedserver does not work properly even though there is no indication of an error. The resulting linked server just doesn't work. The workaround in this situation is to use the UI method of creating a linked server.