Application Note for QuNect ODBC for Quick Base

How to Use Table Aliases

QuNect ODBC for Quick Base can translate names of your choosing to the table names that Quick Base is using for table names. This is useful when you have a set of Quick Base tables you use for testing and an identical set with different names that you use for your "live" or production environment. Using this aliasing feature allows you to switch from the test set of tables to the "live" set of tables by changing one setting in your DSN or connection string. The setting is called Table name alias DBID. It can be left blank if no table aliasing is required. If you want to take advantage of table aliasing then you enter the DBID of a table that has at least two text columns called Alias and DBID. For each table that you want to alias you enter a record in this table with a table's alias in the Alias column and the DBID of the table that will belong to this alias in the DBID column.