Application Note for QuNect ODBC for Quick Base

Backing up a Quick Base table to a CSV file with VBScript

This VB Script will open up a Quick Base table specified by the DBID on the command line and write it's contents to the console or to a file. The field names will appear as the first row of the output. You can find the DBID of your Quick Base table by reading the How to Find the DBID of a Quick Base Table application note.

Copy the code at the bottom of this page to the clipboard and paste the contents into a blank Notepad document. Save the Notepad document using a Save as type of All Files and an Encoding of ANSI. Use the file name QuNectBackupToCSV.vbs. Remember where in the file hierarchy you saved the file. After you've saved the file you'll need to open up a command prompt window. You can do this by Start->Run...->cmd. Then you'll need to navigate to the directory where you saved the QuNectBackupToCSV.vbs file. The command line for the script needs to look like this:

cscript //NoLogo //U QuNectBackupToCSV.vbs yourdbid > yourbackupfile.csv

You'll need to replace the yourdbid with the DBID of your Quick Base table. Also you should replace yourbackupfile.csv with a filename of your choice. If you want to use a DSN other than QuickBase via QuNect then you can supply your DSN's name like this on the command line:

cscript //NoLogo //U QuNectBackupToCSV.vbs yourdbid "Your Own QuNect DSN Name" > yourbackupfile.csv

If you want to backup file attachments, simply configure your DSN to download file attachments. This feature is available only with the 2011 version of QuNect ODBC for Quick Base.

if WScript.arguments.count < 1 then
    WScript.echo "Please supply at least one command line parameter."
    WScript.echo "The first command line parameter should be the dbid of the Quick Base table that you want to backup."    
    WScript.echo "The second optional command line parameter should be the DSN."
    WScript.echo "In the absence of a second command line parameter the DSN 'QuickBase via QuNect' will be used."
    WScript.echo "The command line should look like this:"
    WScript.echo "cscript //NoLogo //U QuNectBackupToCSV.vbs yourdbid optionalDSN > yourbackupfile.csv"
    WScript.echo "The above command line will backup the table with a dbid of yourdbid to the file yourbackupfile.csv"
end if 

Dim Conn
Dim rs
Set Conn = CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
dim connectionString
dim DSN
DSN = "QuickBase via QuNect"
if WScript.arguments.count = 2 then
    DSN = WScript.arguments.item(1)
end if
connectionString = "DSN=" & DSN & ";"
Conn.Open connectionString 

Set Rs = CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")

Rs.Open "select * from """ & WScript.arguments.item(0) & """" , Conn

dim i
dim line

if Rs.BOF then
    WScript.echo "The table contains no records."
end if
for i = 0 to Rs.Fields.count - 1
    line = line & """" & replace(Cstr(Rs.fields(i).name), """", """""") & ""","
WScript.echo line
do while not Rs.EOF
    line = ""
    for i = 0 to Rs.Fields.count - 1        
        if isnull(Rs.fields.item(i)) then
            line = line & ","
            line = line & """" & replace(Cstr(Rs.fields.item(i)), """", """""") & ""","
        end if        
    WScript.echo line