QuNect ODBC for Quick Base on Mac OSX (Intel)

QuNect ODBC for QuickBase® is the world's first ODBC driver for Quick Base®.

QuNect ODBC for Quick Base allows you to access your data stored in Quick Base directly from many Macintosh applications. It works with the built-in iODBC driver manager.

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for 64 bit MacOSX Intel version 10.5 or higher.

Installation Instructions

Please download the file libqunect64.so by clicking on the download button above. Place the libqunect64.so in /Library/ODBC.

Go to your Applications folder and open the Utilities folder. Then double click on the ODBC Administrator application to open it up. If you can't find this application you'll have to install it. The ODBC Admin Tool is available from Apple. If you use Microsoft Excel then you'll also want to install the iODBC Driver Manager which is available from iODBC.org. Remember that MS Office applications before the 2016 version are all 32 bit applications and will not work with QuNect ODBC for Quick Base.

Configure the 64 bit driver

The remaining instructions assume that you have downloaded libqunect64.so to /Library/ODBC. If you have chosen to place it elsewhere make sure to take that into account when following the instructions below. You can find the location of odbcinst.ini and odbc.ini by running the command:

        odbcinst -j

Edit the odbcinst.ini file to add the following three lines:

Description=QuNect ODBC for Quick Base

then you need to add the following lines to your odbc.ini file making sure to replace yourQuickBaseUsername with your Quick Base username, yourQuickBasePassword with your Quick Base password, yourapptokengeneratedbyquickbase with an application token and yourcompany.quickbase.com with your QuickBaseServer. Please read the section entitled Create and assign an application token on the Quick Base help page entitled Application Tokens to learn how to get your application tokens. If you use a user token for your password then you don't need an application token. If you do use a user token for your password then be sure to add the line pwdispassword=0 to your DSN.

Using a Password

Description=QuNect ODBC for Quick Base

Using a User Token

Description=QuNect ODBC for Quick Base

The name and value pairs you place in the odbc.ini file are the same ones you can put into a QuNect ODBC for Quick Base connection string.

To use a proxy server, just set DETECTPROXY=1 in your odbc.ini file and make sure you have an environment variable called https_proxy.

Advanced users may want to add additional key-value pairs. You can discover the meaning of additional key and value pairs by reading the application note on QuNect ODBC for Quick Base connection strings.

Microsoft Query as part of Microsoft Excel 2011 requires a unique format for Date and DateTime criteria. Date criteria need to be entered like this:

<= {d '2014-12-17'}

DateTime criteria need to be entered like this:

You can safely dismiss MS Query popup dialogs like this that complain about the value type.

>= {ts '2014-12-17 17:59:59.000'}