QuNect Restore

Restore your Quick Base Tables and File Attachments without Limits!

Please install the prerequisite QuNect ODBC for Quick Base first!
Please watch this getting started video 

QuNect Restore allows you to restore a Quick Base table from a CSV (comma separated values) file on your local hard drive. QuNect Restore allows you to selectively choose which records are imported. In advance of importing it will check for missing required values and duplicates in unique fields. QuNect Restore will upload file attachments including all revisions, not just the current revision. In bulk restore mode QuNect Restore traverses a directory of backup files created by QuNect Backup, restoring all the CSV files discovered in the directory and relinks restored child records to their restored parent records. QuNect Restore is available for a 30 day free trial. After the trial expires a license for QuNect ODBC for Quick Base is required. Licensees of QuNect ODBC for Quick Base can use QuNect Restore for free. QuNect Restore requires MS Windows and .NET Framework 4.5.